Network Packet Brokers Network Visibility Packet Loss Matters

Dedicated hardware acceleration provides a Zero packet loss architecture
Filtering of traffic so that each monitoring or inline security tool receives exactly the right data
SSL decryption to quickly detect emerging threats encrypting exploits within application traffic
Dynamic filter compiler handles all filter rule complexities automatically – no overlapping filter rule headaches
Aggregation of traffic from multiple TAPs or SPAN ports
Load-balancing of traffic to multiple analysis tools
L7 application awareness efficiently allows for packet processing based on unique applications

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Network Visibility – Packet Loss Matters

You deploy network packet brokers to provide visibility into network traffic, not create blind spots. If your packet broker drops packets,
you are creating blind spots that can interfere with network analytics, or, even worse, impact security.
Keysight network packet brokers are built with a system architecture that enables line rate performance with no dropped traffic or packet loss.
This means that your visibility infrastructure can deliver the 100% visibility that you need. Remember, partial visibility isn’t good enough.

Network Visibility – Performance Matters
“Do what you can in hardware. Do what you must in software.” The old adage about system design remains true today.
While we are in the era of software defined networks and software defined everything else, in the end when performance matters you build the right system with the right hardware.
Like some of the most advanced high performance cloud and network infrastructure, Keysight network packet brokers use FPGA-based
hardware acceleration to ensure line rate performance and no dropped packets, even with features and filters turned on – an area where the competition struggles.

Network Visibility – Feature Compatibility Matters

When you select a network visibility solution, you might not pay much attention to feature compatibility – after all it is only reasonable to expect that the features you read about on the data sheet can be used together on a single system.
With Keysight, they can. Our unique hardware architecture ensures that multiple features can run on the same packet broker at the same time.
This is not the case for our biggest competitor – their solution is for you to buy and manage more modules and daisy chain everything together – a solution that quickly becomes costly and unscalable.

Network Visibility – Ease of Use Matters
With Keysight’s intuitive drag and drop GUI, it has never been easier to get the right traffic to the right tools. Quickly and easily connect taps and SPANs, apply filters,
deduplicate, decrypt and forward traffic to the right tools. Our patented dynamic filter compiler makes quick work of the complexity of overlapping filters.
Other solutions often require complex and hard to manage REGEX and other command line exercises. While powerful, command line expressions can be
intricate and hard to confirm, greatly increasing the risk of human error and misconfiguration. The Keysight GUI helps speed operations and eliminate error.

Connect and Secure the World
with Dynamic Network Intelligence
The need for always-on networks is pervasive, and
expectations are high when it comes to keeping them
connected and secure. As technologies advance,
edge computing, cloud environments, sophisticated
security threats, increasing bandwidth requirements,
and demanding compliance regulations make it
challenging to extract actionable insight from your
Keysight can help. Customers rely on our solutions to
deliver rich data about network traffic, applications,
and users across any networking environment.
This deep insight is what we call dynamic network
intelligence. It helps you continuously innovate,
meet aggressive service-level agreements, and keep
applications running smoothly and securely.
Delivering dynamic network intelligence relies on
network visibility, and Keysight provides a complete
suite of products. Keysight Vision network packet
brokers (NPBs) are at the core. They help you get the
most out of your security and network monitoring
tools by delivering filtered, streamlined traffic.
External bypass switches, such as the Keysight
iBypass, enable high availability and inline failover to
keep your network online. And taps provide a pure
and unedited view into traffic on the network, forming
the foundation of dynamic network intelligence.
Together, Keysight’s network visibility products
enable you, and all your network tools, to be more
efficient and effective so you can keep performance
high and security tight.

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